I’m not trying in the least bit to say that the republicans and other parties are not crazy in their own ways, but how in the world can any good American Citizens possibly vote for a Socialist/Communist or a Faux Communist Treasonous Criminal?

Bernie Sanders is espousing to tax the 400 billionaires in this country and spread their wealth around to 300 plus millions of other Americans–promising to give them every thing they need to exist and also promising them free college, free healthcare, and any number of other freebees. He is also planning on a 90% tax for all Americans (meaning that you give the government a $1.00 bill and they return $0.10 cents back to you for your use and needs). He  doesn’t appear to believe in God-only government!

Hillary Clinton is in the same boat with Bernie Sanders and is competing with him to promise to give away even more stuff! Hillary Clinton is a treasonously dangerous criminal who has sold out our country for cash and paybacks of all kinds to our enemies worldwide! Clinton is under investigation in many ways while she is running for president and should be indicted, tried, and convicted for these many crimes and put in Federal Prison for the rest of her life! She should not be given a pass on anything that she is guilty of and she should reap what she has sown! There are too many other things to list in this short note that make Hillary Clinton unfit to be our president! Do your own research! Don’t Be A Low To No Information Voter!

Come On!, Democrats And Good Americans, Please Don’t Sell Your Souls’ To The Devil Or To Big Government! Socialism and Communism Always And Ultimately  Fail!–They Bring Pain And Misery: They End Freedoms And Liberty, And Many Millions Of People Have And Will Die Because Of Their Consequences! They Are All About Power And Control! When The Powers To Be Run Out Of Other Peoples’ Money, All Hell Breaks Loose!!

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