For starters, there should have been an autopsy and a (CSI type) investigation of anything and everything surrounding his death!

He was the most conservative judge on the Supreme Court!

There may be a crime here!

There may be a cover up here!

There appears to be a big rush in progress by Obama and his Ilk to replace Judge Scalia with a radical nutcase choice of a judge that will tilt the supreme Court so far to the left that many pressing current and future judicial decisions could destroy America and American’s Freedoms in many areas!

There should not be any way that this radical nutcase of a president that we are stuck with ’til January of next year should be allowed to have his way and be able to stack the Supreme Court in way’s that will drive a stake into the heart of what’s left of our America and We Americans as he exits office!

Do Anything You Can To Scare The Living Hell Out Of Our Senators And Congressmen in regard to all of this and put fear into all of them as to the repercussions that will follow if they yield or give into Obama(Obutthead)!! Don’t Threaten Their Lives, Only Their Futures! They Must Say No And Delay All Of These Actions And Possible Appointments At All Costs Until After Our 2016 Election, And You Know Who Is out Of Office!!