Yes, Scrubio! This  “little-twerp-boy” hasn’t done anything to deserve being on the stage and running for president!!—-His only major accomplishment has been to run “ruff-shod” over all of us and our country with his famous “gang-of-eight” and their attempts to pass amnesty that would have done in our America for good! He is a pawn of big donors and a puppet of big government power brokers! He Appears To Currently Be The Darling Of Fox News And The Republican Establishment–BOO!!-BOO!!

He’s a “new-be” U.S. Senator with a poor record and a smashing lack of experience that makes him about as qualified as the “once-short-term” U.S. Senator that currently occupies of our White House,and who has all but ruined Our America!! They Are Both Globalists, And Worldly-Oriented, But Not Good Americans!

A vote for this smooth talking “little-man-child” would be like an exercise in kicking our own butts!! He’s No Better In His Own Way Than Obama (Obutthead), But He Has A Silver Tongue And He’s Also Full Of Bull Crap! As A Floridian, I’m Ashamed of Srubio!!

Let’s All Look In The Mirror And Tell Ourselves That We Aren’t That Stupid!