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The scam is alive and well when it comes to Obama and his Ilk pushing the climate change/global warming garbage! There are many foolish intellectuals and other such idiots that want to continue to hood-wink the uninformed, gullible masses! It’s all about power, money, and taxes that will be used to further enslave, encumber, and ultimately bring Our America and all of us down, down, down!!

These power grabbers have no viable proof to back up what they want! Lies and Bull Crap Abound! I’ve heard recent studies that indicate that it will cost at least one trillion dollars each year ’til the end of this century to supposedly bring the global temperature down a mere 1/25th of a degree in that same time frame! I can’t see any benefits to any of their pursuits!

This whole thing is nothing but a hoax with lies, deceptions, scams, shell games, and crookedness! There have always been natural variations in temperature and there always will be! We humans and our inventions and lifestyles have not and will not affect or cause so called climate change/global warming! Only ideologues and scientists with their hands out and a great desire for more grants and payoffs of all kinds, power, etc. are willing to lie and deceive to get their way! Common sense says otherwise! Global warming/climate change is a hoax!!

The powers to be need to focus their attentions on putting end to Islamic Terror, Illegal Immigration, Mass Migration/Invasion of Refugees That May Be Extremely Dangerous, and many other very real and important things and issues!!!