It’s been a long stretch of disappointments, lies, deceits, immorality, evil attacks, thefts, corruption, loss of lives, and some of the sorriest bull crap that this country and this world has ever been exposed to! It’s a damn shame that we have had to endure Obutthead and his Ilk! It’s also very sad and depressing that it’s not over, that it seems like it will be an eternity ’til we can sanitize Our White House of the filth and evil that has taken place and taken over! It’s much worse than rats and roaches!

Personally, I woke up with the sick realization that this mess is far from over, and no one is going to oppose or stop this tyrant and his minions from doing all they can to further ruin what’s left of our America! There’s plenty of evidence and proof of all of the damage and lawbreaking that has and is occurring! Obama and many others in our government should be in prison for their crimes against America and Americans, and in some cases, international crimes that they have and are committing!

I am calling out all Americans and our Politicians to wake up and insist that Obama and anyone and everyone in our government that has committed any crimes against our society be  immediately investigated, prosecuted, sentenced, and imprisoned!