There’s such a saying as “setting your ass on fire”. How in the hell could we have so many blind, stupid, divisive idiots in our house of representatives that are in the process of pledging their allegiance to a proven cronie and shill of the white house and Obama’s agenda? All I can hope for is that anyone and everyone that supports and votes for Paul Ryan will never be forgotten for their failure to listen to the wisdom of so very many good American Citizens who do not agree with them! They all need to be put on notice that since they have chosen their path to further screw over our America, that they are no longer welcome to serve, that they will definitely be voted out of office and sent home because they set not only theirs’, but all of our of our asses on fire! I hope and pray for divine intervention in the workings of our government and in a speedy return to common sense and strong moral Christian Values!

– WOLF –