He wants to disarm our America and make all of us subject to his continued takeover of our America. He and his Ilk are doing everything they can to set the stage nationwide for enslaving all of us. Behind the scenes, and often in our faces, he and his Ilk and Cronies are manipulating anything and anyone possible to believe that our rights to own and have guns to protect and defend ourselves and our families are bad and dangerous–That disarming America will solve any and all problems.

I submit this proposal that any and all of anyone and everyone that is anywhere near our President Obutthead immediately lay down all of their weapons and chill out knowing that he and everyone, including themselves, will suddenly be much safer! I Also propose that the same be done for the Senate, House, all courts, and all agencies of the U.S. federal government. Also, I believe that it would be very appropriate that anyone and everyone that currently has a bodyguard or protector of any kind immediately insist that they do so in a “gun-less way”! This includes everyone that does not believe in the rights of the American Citizens to keep and bear arms–These people should immediately turn in their guns and insist that of everyone of their Ilk should do the same, making sure that they are not guilty of double-speak or hypocrisy! If they don’t believe in the benefits of guns and our gun rights, they should live the life they choose and leave good, law abiding citizens alone! All of this with the understanding that all of us law-abiding citizens will not be disarming ourselves at all!

I then propose that all of these entities and agencies permanently relinquish all of these weapons and all of the ammunitions that they have been stockpiling in everyway possible. To who? Back to the 50 states and local law enforcement entities. Once all of this has been accomplished, I feel that all of us will be much safer! The ones to be fearful of are not so much the citizenry, but the federal government and all of the gun-grabbing nut-cases that have been so insistent on taking away our second amendment rights! We are all more secure knowing that we have a legally armed citizenry and can defend ourselves against tyranny and tyrants/dictators like our current president, should he keep up his pursuits of ruining our country and taking away our freedoms and liberties!  The Second Amendment to our U.S. Constitution Is extremely important to all of us and our ultimate security in our America when it comes to enemies within and outside of our borders!

Then, all law enforcement should be generated by any and all of the private sector law enforcement agencies that are governed by all of the cities and counties and individual states of our 50 states of America. They need to be responsible, both individually and together when needed, to protect and serve in their locales, to keep our country safe. This also includes protecting and serving all federal agencies and entities that are in their locales!

We all need to be thankful, appreciative, and respectful of our local, county, and state police. We need to encourage and support our law enforcement officers in everyway to to perform and do their jobs in a fair and exemplary manner! A comfortable sense of community and caring can and will make a big difference!

Most Important!   Our Second Amendment Rights To Keep And Bear Arms! “A Well Regulated Militia Being Necessary To The Security Of A Free State, The Right Of The People To Keep And Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed!”