A carbon tax is all he and his Ilk and a bunch of other political hacks and their rich pimps want so that they can rob us of much more money and quality of life! What in the hell is it going to take for common sense to take over and encourage people to wake up and see the greed and evil that is taking over our country and our world!

The carbon that they speak of is carbon dioxide! With out carbon dioxide, no plants or trees would grow and produce oxygen so that we can breathe! We breathe in air with oxygen in it, and we exhale air with carbon dioxide in it! With out both of them there would be no life here on earth! Obama and his Ilk want to tax the air we breathe!

Obutthead and his Ilk don’t give a damn about anything but how to squeeze more and more money out of Americans and gain further power over all of us and everything! They want to further destroy what’s left of America’s economy and that of other producing countries and get obscenely richer in the process!

Folks, wake the hell up and be vigilant instead sheepish! Our future and that of our heirs is at stake! Contact your politicians and all political leaders from local to federal government and let them know that they have to stop this climate change/global warming crap now! They have to draw a circle around Obama and severely limit him in every way for the next 12 plus months–what’s left of our America hangs in the balance!