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Check it out on the internet if you will!  There is a lot of opposition to Common Core, but there needs to be one heck of a lot more!  There are high stakes for the evil ruling class, big business, and many more entities nationwide and beyond!  There Will Be Much More Control Over Americans and Their Children’s Education, etc.!  Those who are pushing this mess are trying their best to deceive all of us and get it done by any means possible!  Some of the Crum-Bums are Jeb Bush and Mike Huckaby, who are both aspiring to run for President in 2016.  Don’t Support Them!

Please find out all you can about Common Core?  Check out what Michelle Malkin, for one, has to say about it!  A Number Of States Have Stopped It!–But Not Near Enough!  You will be surprised at those who have been, and are still supporting it!  It doesn’t mean that they are right or honorable in regard to any of it!  Common Core Is Bad For All Americans and All Of Our America!!

Let’s Stop Common Core And Anyone That Wants To Subject We Americans To It!!  Down, Down, Down With Common Core!!!