We’ve got the sorriest and most dangerous president in our America’s history!  It sure would be nice to look ahead to a new day with enthusiasm where we could replace this abomination with someone brand new that could and would help to make a real great difference for our America and our future!

All we hear and see is the same old list of sorry choices year after year, time after time!  Some of the current ones that are throwing their hat in the ring are not only bad and sad choices on both sides, but are a real yawn!  Anyone that wants to support a Bush, or a Clinton, or a Warren, or a Sanders, or a Rubio, or any other loser, or big government type that comes out of the woodwork, needs to really do their homework and start using a lot more wisdom and common sense in their thought processes!

We need to look for a president that’s from the cream of the crop and will be a top notch leader that really loves and protects our America and our Constitution, etc.  We need to look for a president that’s going to defend our America from internal and external enemies, and one who is not ridiculously calculating and afraid of his own shadow!  We don’t need a stupid, gutless-wonder of a politician to further mess things up and just protect the status quo and all of it’s entities!

I hope and pray that we can have the opportunity to support and vote for a real good leader like Ronald Reagan was in this next election!  I hope and pray that our choice will be one that is made from true grit, honesty, humility, love, and strength!  I pray that our choice will be divinely guided and directed!