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The Republicans took charge of the Senate and even with their having control of both houses of congress, nothing has been changed for the better! In fact, under the continued leaderships of Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, and with the support of many stupid, gutless politicians in both parties, things have gone south so bad since January that it’s hard to guess or comprehend what will happen next! They’ve given Obama almost everything he has ever wanted and they’ve sat back and watched the courts and Obama pretty much neuter their effectiveness as legislators!

It’s been hard to watch and hear about all of the garbage and bull-crap that has transpired in the past months. Racial strife has been unnecessarily magnified, and it’s polarization of our country is reaching towards an all time high. Our civilian police and law enforcement have been attacked and vilified in almost every way imaginable. Obama has very effectively weakened and hamstrung our military so that our country has steadily declined as being the world’s superpower and no one world wide seems to have much respect or fear of our America or the current occupier of our Whitehouse. Obama seems to have much more concern, respect, and appreciation for ISIS and others of their Ilk than for us, Israel, or anyone else! Christians are being slaughtered in many places and our religious freedoms are being attacked everywhere. A very small minority of our country is gay(1.8%), along with some of those other weird, screwed up, confused, and sinfully afflicted types that are being placed in the limelight—they and theirs are given preferential treatment and support–legally and otherwise!—All of this over and above the large majority of our America and we are supposed to believe that it’s all normal and acceptable! It is not! The moral majority abhors and loathes what is taking place and how evil is being unleashed on our society!

Our country is under brutal attack by the enemy’s within who stupidly want to further ruin America and everything that she and we stand for! Our borders are not protected from the invasion of illegals that are being encouraged to “just come on in and we’ll treat you much better than any real American Citizens!”—There is also a glut of green cards being handed out to further encourage and invite in more immigration and further benefits for those outsiders!—The Democrats are trying to build up a voting majority that will continue to keep them in office so that they can continue to destroy our country’s moral and religious values, give our God the boot, and keep pushing their Progressive, Socialist, Marxist, Communist agenda’s!—All of this illegal immigration and amnesty is needed by them to help take the place of all of the 55 plus million babies that have been aborted since the mid-sixties who could have been active, helpful, productive, contributing, valuable, and wonderful American Citizens that worked hard, raised their families, paid taxes, voted, and helped to keep America stable and great!—All of these enemies of our country have encouraged and overlooked all of the murders, carnage, and pain that they have caused and continue to cause so that their precious goals could be reached some day—the kind of sickness and evil these sorry, demented, ignorant, greedy, evil fools have unleashed on our world is unconscionable!—Most of these jerks will never personally reap the riches, rewards, or wield the power that they have been helping to promote!—What a waste of time and oxygen!—What a waste of their very lives!—It’s sad what they have done to their future and the scourge and damage they have plagued upon Our America!—No one lives forever! They will finally get what they truly deserve in the hereafter!

The Republicans that have been helping to perpetuate any and all of these things as previously stated above don’t get a pass at all!—they are just as bad! And when it comes to any of them supporting amnesty so that there would be more workers in America to satisfy their corporate cronies, and political donors—remember that through their support of Roe vs Wade, and their continuing support of the abortion business, they all have blood on their hands!

The chaos and confusion that is pounded into and loaded onto us every day is all being done on purpose by the evil forces in our Whitehouse, in our medias, in our universities, and by evil, misguided individuals, entities and organizations in this country and worldwide. “Keeping us off balance”, and “assholes over elbows busy” so that they can push and work on their evil agenda’s!—And one more thing—for those of us that do care and are pretty well informed, we have been turned into a bunch of “ankle-biters”!—The powers that be don’t give a tinkers-damn about us, or what we think, or what we want!

This country and all of it’s citizens and their legislators, preachers, teachers, and candlestick-makers, etc.—need to get their acts together immediately and take back America! Don’t be quiet and afraid to speak out! Help to stop all of our enemies!