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We’ve been witnessing many recent events, shams, farces, shell games, bait and switch schemes, avoidances by many of our politicians from facing up to and being responsible, and many travesties that have slapped us American Citizens in the face by our own government!! These things that we and our country are being (and have been exposed to) are atrocities, are wrong and mean spirited, and are unbelievable abominations! Insanity! The lies and deceptions have got to stop! All of us have got to be pro-active!!

Some good, well-meaning people like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and others tried to do the right thing and Stop Obama Care. They had no intention of shutting down the government and were not responsible for the so-called shut down. Our “Butt-Headed” President and Harry Reid with his stupid, misguided socialists, liberals, and progressives in Our U.S. Senate along with many of their same Ilk in Our House of Representatives, had a field day screwing us and our country into the ground! Our president mandated, caused, and perpetuated anything and everything he could to create pain and problems everywhere! There is no time to go into all the details, but for a few weeks, he had all of his big government minions on duty wreaking havoc! This king, this emperor, this sorry excuse for a president, had his way causing trouble! He wanted it to be worse, but he failed! He wanted to cause our government to default on our loans, but he failed there too! He doesn’t lead or try to govern properly, and then he hides from any blame or responsibility! This is The Sorriest President That Has Ever Had Possession of Our White House! Obama And His Ilk, And The Liberal Media Stink To The High Heavens! They Don’t Love Our America and are working very hard to destroy it and everything we have ever held dear to us! They Are Ruining Our America And Our Lives! They will never stop causing distractions, chaos, and upheavals of all kinds to get their way! This President is Lawless, Ruthless, and Conscienceless! He and His Accomplices Are Screwing Us and Our America!!

What in the heck is going on! The Obama care law has not been stopped and the pain and problems of it are bringing our country, our employment opportunities, our incomes, and our health care system down, down, down! Our politicians, all of them, are still exempted and waivered from having to be subject to it, and are being bailed out and subsidized by us citizens! So much for fairness, honesty, right and wrong, and “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” I really do resent the fact that even our best and brightest, favorite politicians, are all in on getting their waivers, exemptions, and subsidies (Bail-Outs) from Obama Care! I’ll never have much respect for any of them until they totally reject every bit of these illegal bail-outs that the “Crooked Obama” gave them! No excuses, or flimsy, self-serving justifications will be okay or acceptable! They better correct their ways very fast or lose big-time and go down the drain of life, politically!! They better not bail out the insurance companies and create even more fees, taxes, etc.!!

The facts are clear that All of the Democrats Voted for Obama Care without even paying attention to its’ content, and now many of them are trying to wiggle out of it and act as though they really care about our healthcare, but they, like the president, are lying through their teeth! How in the heck can any politician representing Americans, or any American citizen come close to believing that anything but wrongful lying and deception has occurred and keeps occurring here with Obama care? Millions of people are being put out in the cold healthcare wise! The whole darn evil, power grabbing mess is upon all of us! Down with Obama care, Obama, and all of the other dangerous idiots that want to keep perpetuating this travesty, this scourge on our country, this healthcare nightmare! Condemn All of Them, and Everything To Do With Obama Care and Their Re-Elections! Box Obama into a corner and take away all of his presidential power! Put the lying, narcissistic ego maniac into a padded room until his time runs out as president! Or Impeach Him! Do Whatever Needs to Be Done to Legally Stop Him and His Ilk, Before They Totally Destroy What’s Left of Our Country, Our America! There is precious little time left to try and get it right and Save Our Constitution, Our Lives, and Our Freedoms! We Need A Large Group Of Brave And Fearless Politicians To Call Out, Expose, Condemn, And Stop Obama! Where Are The Gutsy, Tough, Brave and Bold, American Patriot Politicians That Really, Truly Love Our Country? If They Still Exist, Stop the Bull Hockey!

I’m extremely tired of those in government, the liberal media, and the stupid sheeple in our country that have their heads buried in the sand and other places! I’m sick of the sorry liberal, progressive, socialist, fascist, marxist, and communist ideologs and crazies in our country and around the world that are demonizing, criticizing, propagandizing, and espousing to destroy “Our America”, flushing it further down the drain! To heck with all of them and their liberal media cronies and accomplices! We have to take control and take back the reins while there is some hope left! We American citizens have got to use common sense, be proactive, and exert our power!!

Any politician that wants to begin redeeming themselves and do the right, good, and honest thing will totally reject the waivers and subsidies (Bail-outs) from the president, and will end their involvement in any sweetheart deals where they get treated any better than the rest of us Americans! Then, those who keep voting for those perks will be exposed and condemned for the hypocrites, crooks, and creeps they really are! We have to insist on “Government in the Sunshine” and out in the open! Transparency!

Down With Tyranny & Lying, Theft, Greed, Selfishness, and Un-American Activities! Wake Up and Stop the Bull Hockey!

INITIAL MANDATORY STEP: To all government entities (local, state, and federal, etc.): Quit playing games with all of our lives, presently, and in the future! Stop all of the power plays, and quit dancing around on the issues just to acquire and retain more and more political power! Kill Obama Care, Kill Amnesty, and Protect Our Constitution and Our Bill of Rights from Any and All Attacks! Stop Borrowing Money to Run Government! Be Fiscally Responsible! And for God’s Sake-Lower the Debt Ceiling!-One More Thing: Vote all 46 Democrat Senators “Out Of Office” That Voted to Approve the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, and also: All Others That Are Anti-Gun, Anti-Freedom, and Pro-Big Government! Their Party Affiliations Don’t Matter—They All Must Go!!