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Can you imagine what our country would be like if we didn’t have to be constantly on edge and on alert about all of the evil and divisiveness surrounding us? Our government is working very hard and fast to subject us to their controls and their tyranny over every possible thing you can imagine in our lives and in our America!! They don’t respect or appreciate us at all! They are stealing from us, and killing our freedoms and future! They are ruining our America!!

Those of us that are paying attention to what’s going on and what’s coming at us are amazed at the utter passiveness and complacency of the sheeple who are not, and of those who are ignorant and not informed at all, and of those that just bury their heads in the sand and other places! It’s hard to believe that some people don’t seem to care!!

Our country is on the way to going down in flames! Our moral fibers are being ripped to shreds in many ways! Our Christian and religious values and many of our God-given rights are being attacked and taken away! The Powers that be from our president and his administration, and from there on down, don’t give a rat’s behind about us and what we think or want! – They just want to control us, manipulate us, and use us as their stupid slaves–sick as it is, they are winning! We are being hood-winked, used, abused, and crapped on regularly!!

There are things we can do to turn things around! For one, don’t accept the status quo and don’t go along with the government and liberal media bull hockey, and don’t stay in bed with the enemy (our government)! Turn over a new leaf and start paying attention to the really important things going on in our country that play a major role in our lives, liberties, and pursuits of happiness! Don’t take anything for granted! Be willing to stand up and speak out for what is good and right!!—try keeping up with current events, get educated, be proactive, be responsible!!

Watch “Blaze TV” and “Blaze Radio” news every chance you get, or go to “The Blaze” on the internet.

-Listen to 97.3 FM anytime day or night (locally in the Gainesville, Ocala area)

-Listen to 96.5FM anytime day or night (locally in the Lake City, Live Oak area)

-Avoid divisive and dishonest liberal media and TV shows like ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, etc. – they are in bed with our government, our enemy! They all lie, cover-up, and deceive everyone!!  Fox News Has Become A Big Disappointment!!

-Seek out radio Personalities like Bob Rose, David Webb, Cam And Company, Herman Cain, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Mike Church, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Andrew Wilkow, and many others on “FM Radio”, “I Heart Radio”, and “Sirius/XM Radio” (Patriot channel, etc.) and others with Conservative, and Christian values and viewpoints….

-Go to the internet and check out the real news on “The Blaze”, or “The Drudge Report”, and many other conservative, fair and honest news sources. Check out Michelle Malkin, the Freedom Foundation, the Heritage Foundation, the NRA, and many others……

-Listen, Watch, Learn, Question, Confirm, and come to your own conclusions once you have checked out and verified all that you have seen and heard! It’s extremely important to be taught, be informed, and investigate everything possible! It’s also very responsible to share what you know to be true with others!!

We can all make a drastic difference in our lives, in our country, and in our world if we will wake up, stay alert, hunger for, and search out the real truth in everything, and always remain engaged and vigilant, Holding Those in Our Government to a Strict Adherence of our American Standards and Values as Outlined in Our U.S. Constitution, Our Bill of Rights, and Our Laws and Rights of Our Land, Whether Legislated, Natural, or God Given!!

We have the Most Wonderful Opportunities and Environments Where We Can Thrive On and Succeed Here in Our U.S.A.! The world has never known a civilization that has been as good, and as moral, and as caring as our country is! It’s been the most outstanding experiment up until this time in history! We have been a beacon of hope and freedom for the world and have been a strong source of good in the world for the most part! We Americans need to be more pro-active, and make what we have better, and free-er, and not take what we have, see, hear, and experience for granted!! Life and Time are Much Too Precious to Be Wasted and Squandered Away!!

Our Country’s Founders, Inspired by Our Creator, Our God, blessed us with the opportunities to live Life, enjoy Liberty, and the Freedom to Pursue Happiness!! Let’s not blow the opportunity to be the best we can be, and do the best we can do! Let’s make sure we preserve and protect what we are, and what we have been given, for both now and the future for all Americans!! Please, for God’s sake, and our sake, and the sake of our families, friends, and loved ones, and our country–let’s get out of our own way, and get out each other’s way, and get out of our own little comfort zones, and get our acts together while we still have a little time left to make a big difference!! Time is of the Essence!! Let’s Do It And Do It Now!! Don’t Delay!! There’s No Time like the Present!! Start Now!! Today!!

Our government must always govern and manage our country only by and at the will of our people, our citizens..Us!! – Our government employees (meaning every darn one from the president on down) must always remain completely accountable to, responsible to, and subject to all of us!! – Not us to them!! God Bless the U.S.A.!!

It’s our right, duty, and responsibility as American citizens to keep up with and control all of these things so that our country remains free and doesn’t sink into tyranny, or any other hole/abyss!!   ———We Are The Power!!———-