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Hello Fellow Americans,

We Have Very Little Time Ahead Of Us And A Lot Of Work To Do!!  So many of our fellow citizens are asleep at the wheel and we need to wake them up, educate them, and enlighten them as to all of the bad things that Obama and his Ilk have done to us already, and, if they win the Nov. 2014 election, they will totally do us in!! Time is of the essence!! The 2014 Election is the most important election of our lifetime!! We must stop the excessive liberal, progressive, socialist movement that is taking over our country! We Must Stop Obama’s Ilk, Including All of the Liberal / Progressive Democrats and Republicans, From Being Re-elected, Therefore, Making a Large Move to Save Our America!! Meanwhile, we need to scare the living heck out of all of our other politicians and make them realize that they better start listening to us or they are going to have to hit the road and go home!! They have to pay attention and have our interests ingrained in them!! Otherwise, they will be out in the cold!! Out of a cushy, powerful, very well paid job with extremely great benefits!! We Have To Make All Of These Things Happen!!  And Now!!  We Can, and Must Make A Big Difference!!  The Quality of Our Lives, And Those of Our Families, Friends, and Loved Ones Along With the Health and Future of Our America Are At Stake!!  We Must Stand Up and Take Our Country Back!!  There Is Strength In Numbers And The Large Numbers Are On Our Side!!

Obama, With the Wrong Minded Democrats, and Groups of Bad Republicans, Are Bad News For All Of Us And Our America! We have to absorb that fact! – believe it! – and act with vigor!, bringing a ground swell of our families, friends, loved ones, and anyone else we can persuade to the light and have them, as well as ourselves, Vote Anyone That Is A “Wacky Democrat”, Or Anyone That’s A “Rino (republican in name only)”, Out Of Office, And Out Of Our Lives Forever!! We need good, well grounded, honest leaders with common sense and guts to represent us in Washington and Any Other Government Entities Nationwide!! We have to Wake Up and Be Proactive!  We Are The Power!! We All Need To Spend Some Time And Energy On These Things That Are Really Important!!

This Is Not To Be Taken Lightly, Taken For Granted, Or Sat On!! Let’s not be complacent, or lazy, or stupid!  We all have to wake up and act right now!! Please pay extreme attention!! Get Involved and Engaged Like Your Life and Future Really Depends Upon It!!  It most likely does!!  It really, really, really does!!   Believe It!! Do What You Have To Do And Do It Right!!   Really Right!!

May God Be With Us, And May We Bless God Thru Our Thoughts, Words, Actions, And Deeds!!