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Under this president, we’ve seen more lying, cheating, stealing, immorality, social decline, political and judicial tampering, and cowardice in many ways! We’ve watched our citizens go further down the drain as they are letting themselves be herded like a bunch of helpless sheep being taken to slaughter, and they are so unbelievably gullible, complacent, and stupid as to seemingly not have a clue as to what’s really happening to all of us and our country, our America! They waste their valuable time on frivolous, tasteless, useless pursuits!!

Under this president, moral decay is running rampant, what with the Boy Scouts now tainted by it, and Mary and Sue, Bill and John, all hooked up and marrying each other – what a big, sick circus of immoral events! Also, look at your children and the attitudes and policies towards encouraging sexual activities at an earlier age, next morning birth control pills, free condoms, and ultimately, abortion (murder) – all being pushed big time by this beast of a president and his progressive, liberal, and socialist accomplices. They are not supporting the sanctity of heterosexual marriage, our natural and God-given right!! Traditional marriages and families are being stressed, pressured, slammed down, disrespected, and minimized as to their real importance in our civilized society!!

Under this president, there was an opportunity to be had, where he could have done wonders to help bring our country closer together in all areas, but he has done everything he can to divide and screw us all up! Racism and disharmony is running rampant! He is the divider and chief destroyer – a one man wrecking ball!!

Under this president, chaos and mind screwing is on his agenda and that of his minions and the complicit liberal media! Controlling all of the sheep is the main agenda! With great headways being made in getting as many people on welfare, disability welfare, food stamps, government giveaways and subsidy programs of all kinds, crony capitalism, bailouts, grants, illegal money laundering and incentive programs, the borrowing of money, the creation of corrupt policies and massive dollar printing designed to keep the ruling class in power in every way! He has almost cemented up his constituency of sheeple to be dependent on his government! To heck with all of us good American Citizens that he is intent on turning into his subjects! All that matters to this king, and his accomplices and minions, is more and more power! To heck with America!–A country that he and they loathe and want to bring down in so many ways anyway! How can good people like, support, or tolerate this tyrant, this abomination, this bad man, this king want-to-be, this sorry president? People Have Got To Wake the Heck Up!!

Under this president, our country has lost its place militarily, strategically, internationally, financially, morally, physically, religiously, intelligently, and mightily! With this deviously determined tyrant at the helm, our country is in sharp decline and heading to heck in a hand basket! The worst part about all of this is that the decline of our America is being orchestrated on purpose for the ultimate goals of total control over all of us and our country, and for the promotion, spreading, and aggrandizement of their progressive, liberal, socialist agenda, and more power for their evil and arrogant political and elitist ruling class! Under this president, we are seeing tyranny take over, and a king being created to rule our America with an iron hand! Our Country’s Founders Feared This!!

Under this president, our economy is a midget of itself because this president and his crooks, creeps, thieves, cronies and minions want it to be!! We have seen our country’s economy just putt along barely on life support! We have not seen much done at all to help fix the serious problems with the housing industry, including the construction, sales, and mortgaging of homes, new or existing, and there is and has been record unemployment! It’s not getting any better! There are so many people out of work and hurting financially! The unemployment figures and statistics are wrongfully manipulated and misrepresented to cover up the true picture of what’s really going on and how bad things really are!! All we hear is more talk and more blame for everyone but Obama!!

Under this president, we have seen the misappropriation of stimulus and bailout money. We have seen tampering and bailouts in many areas of the car industry. We have seen extreme amounts of money paid out to many environmentally (green) aimed companies that have gone under for the most part. This knucklehead has wasted so much money, and screwed up so many things, and in the process has gotten paybacks, kickbacks, and political contributions for he and his to continue to do more of the same – all the while taking us and our country further down the drain and deeper into more terrible debt. He has almost doubled our total debt from what it was from the beginning of our country’s founding to when he first became president in 2008. He is guilty of many unbelievably bad decisions, policies, and rules/regulations that he has caused to be loaded onto our backs, both individually and as a country. Lawlessness, stupidity, lack of common sense, and insanity doesn’t fully explain the whole story about all of the bad stuff and damage he has perpetuated on our country already! There are many evil, crooked, deviant, devious, spiteful, and terrible other things going on as well!!

Under this president, our healthcare system is being fundamentally destroyed so that ultimate power over our health, our quality of life, and our time here on earth is controlled and scrutinized by those in power in our almighty government and those evil powers in our world that are in ultimate control and power over it! Can you believe or stomach the fact that our crooked I.R.S. will be in charge of healthcare enforcement? A tyrant’s dream is the ultimate control over all health care!! Please Call Your Senators and Representatives and Tell Them to Defund, Stop, Repeal, and Kill Obama Care!! Let’s Encourage Them All to Stay Strong and Beat Down Obama Care!! It’s a Train Wreck!! Obama and Obama Care are full of lies, deceptions, deceits, and crookedness!!

Under this president, we have seen government in the darkness and behind closed doors, manipulation of facts and truth, outright lying, deceits, bait and switches, shell games, law breaking and crooked acts of all kinds and all of this without him taking one bit of the credit or blame for any of it. Because of the complicit liberal media, and the rest of his crooks, creeps, thieves, cronies and minions, plus the dumb or stupid voters and sheeple in this country, this president has gotten by with a full load of crap so far! Low to no information voters and dumb citizens are his favorites because they are so easy to hood wink, con, deceive, and sucker-in to his bull hockey!

Under this president, his lawless attitude towards our Constitution, our Courts, our U.S. Senate, and House of Representatives, and his distain of and suppression of Christian values, his embracing of Muslim values, his lack of support for Israel and the Jewish people, and his continuing attacks on Catholics, has proven to be very troubling and problematic. He has attacked Christianity in all kinds of ways! He has and is accomplishing so many feats of Anti-Americanism that are so very mind boggling to witness – we’ve never had a more radical mess or scourge on our country as we have and are apparently stuck with for a while!! Most of our legislators seem to be afraid of this tyrant!! Obama is very bad, hideous, and detestable for this country in very many ways!!

Under this president, we have seen many scandals and cover-ups/not resolved yet! Lots of spying and gun running, murder of an ambassador, tampering and hurtful destruction of other countries and their societies, election fraud/meddling, crony this and that’s. This country is a much bigger mess since he came into office!! He’s Got Many Plans and Schemes to Play Out as He Continues to Destroy Our America!! Look into the Benghazi Attack, IRS, NSA SPYING, Fast and Furious Gun Running, the Bad U.S. Economy and Extreme Unemployment, Obama Care Mess, Veterans Hospital’s Problems, and Election Fraud/Tea party Scandals, to name a few!!

Under this president, we get an excessive amount of lip service! His speeches go on and on with the same old tiring lies and exaggerations year after year! The same endless and harmful bull-hockey comes spewing out of his sorry, lying mouth day in and day out! You’d think that he’s definitely delusional and living in some kind of a dream world! Maybe its drug induced to some extent? Maybe he’s still smoking funny weed like he did growing up in school as a leader in the “Choom-Gang”, or maybe it’s even something stronger? Whatever is going on and whatever Obama’s on, it’s obvious that this “radical, liberal, progressive “loony-bird” is not what a great country like our America needs for a president! No other president has done us so completely wrong! He is bad to the bone, and he thinks he has us all buffaloed!! He is horrifically arrogant and crass in his ways and demeanor!!

This president is committed to disarming us – he wants our guns – all of them! We and our country are free because we have our second amendment rights! Don’t buy into the lies and rhetoric, and don’t help us lose our rights to keep and bear arms – without them – our tyrant, the president, would be totally unrestrained from doing us in completely! GUN CONTROL IS PEOPLE CONTROL!! DOWN WITH ANY, AND ALL GUN CONTROL!!

This president and apparently many of our legislators are obsessed with diluting us down to nothing by pushing amnesty! Those pushing amnesty will cause more unemployment, more decline in our quality of life, more support and giveaways of all kinds to illegal aliens, and ensure a permanent majority voting block for democrats, liberals, progressives and socialists by allowing any evil amnesty bill to pass! Call all of them and demand that they kill it!, stop it!, and end any further talk or discussion about amnesty!! Our houses of government are filled with a large and growing lack of common sense, and full of foolishness, greed, corruption, and crookedness! Let all of them be put on notice that we are intent on, and are going to take our country back!! Down with big government!!

Under this president, the bull-hockey has already hit the fan a thousand times and growing! Don’t you feel it! Don’t you smell it! Believe it or not, you are wearing it, and it’s only going to get stickier and smellier, and more and more pungent! So far Obama may have gotten away with murder; he’s guilty of causing mayhem, theft, chaos, and illegal activities and deceits of all kinds! Are you going to continue to support or revere this bad man, this bad president, this tyrant? I sure as heck hope not!! There is precious little time to get it right, and do what we have to do!! “American Citizens Must Legally Stop Obama!! Be Bold and Brave!! We’ve Many Lives to Save!!

Wake the heck up!! And all of those you know!!
Then ban together, and be strong enough to tell him where to go!!