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This president and apparently many of our legislators, are obsessed with diluting us down to nothing by pushing amnesty! Those pushing amnesty will cause more unemployment, more decline in our quality of life, more support and giveaways of all kinds to illegal aliens, and ensure a permanent majority voting block for democrats, liberals, progressives and socialists by allowing any evil amnesty bill to pass! Any of us Americans that gives a hoot about our own survival, and that of all of our families, friends, and loved ones, will act and Get Outraged About The Invasion that is being orchestrated by Obama and his Ilk! Call all of them in our government that you can locate and demand that they kill amnesty of all illegal aliens, and send all illegal aliens home to their own country of origin! They must stop any further talk or discussion about amnesty! They must secure our borders and look out for the interests of all American citizens! Anyone that wants to immigrate to our America must do it the right way or not at all! Our houses of government are filled with a large and growing lack of common sense, and full of foolishness, greed, corruption, and crookedness! Confront them! Let all of them be put on notice that we are intent on, and are going to take our country back!! Down With Big Government!! Let’s All Make The Call And Stop The Invasion!

This president is intent on keeping our borders open to further allow many others who are sick with dangerous diseases, and criminals, drug dealers, gangs, terrorists, and all kinds of misfits from all over the world to just come into our America and wreak havoc, and commit crimes of theft, murder, rape, etc. and be allowed to pillage and destroy whatever they want with very little resistance from the federal government and it’s law enforcement entities. He is not performing his most important duty as president to secure and protect our country and its’ citizens in every way possible! He is intentionally doing all of these things to create and perpetuate more and more chaos and problems everywhere so he can continue his destruction, fundamental transformation, and takeover of our America! He is evil, devious, and too crooked to even screw into the ground! We have to make our politicians in all parties to wake the heck up and stop this maniac from causing further destruction, mayhem, chaos, terror attacks, war, etc., or his takeover as the aspiring dictator that he wants to be will be accomplished! This Election in Nov. 2014 is the Last Chance to Stop the Madness! Everyone needs to see and feel the idiocy all around us and do something about it! Quit spending so much time falling for all of the intentional diversions that the evil government and liberal media are throwing at us all of the time to keep us distracted from the crap that they are pulling off in the shell games they are playing, and behind closed doors in the darkest, dankest, most evil places to be imagined! Spend a significant amount of time studying and trying to get educated about the real truth and see the real picture of what’s been going on and help stop it! Don’t Just Vote for Santa Clause and freebees —That’s a large part of their plans to use and control all of us! Freedom is not free! We must work for a living! Vote For Healthy and Truly Unselfish Reasons to Save Our America!!

I pray that all of us in this wonderful country including our preachers, teachers, politicians, and all of our companies, corporations, and all other American personalities and entities will get their acts together, and not be afraid to speak out, and will stop being politically correct and scared to change the paths we and our country are on before it’s too late! Let’s help make our country healthy and vibrant once again! I pray that we will bless God thru our thoughts, words, actions, deeds, and everything that He has given us—instead of just always asking God to bless us and our country! God is the ultimate reason that our America was ever created and we desperately need to protect and defend her in every way! America Is Great and Wonderful Because of God!!