Where does it all end?

August 17 2017 – Click here to listen


We have entered a very dangerous time in America. Donald Trump has denounced the KKK, Nazi’s and White Supremacists three times since the incident in Charlottesville, but nothing is ever enough for his detractors. I predicted Monday that before it was over the anti-Trumpers would blame him for this incident and unfortunately that is exactly what happened. I didn’t have to be Nostradamus to make that prediction.


The hate filled media had gone into overtime with CBS news dedicating 100% of their airtime one night to this issue. The flames have been fanned and now opportunist politicians, corporate heads, racist hate mongers and so on have launched yet another acrimonious attack on Trump and have begun a campaign to erase history.


As we speak they are running around all over the nation changing names of colleges, streets, taking plaques off churches, destroying monuments of former slave owners, and so on.


Ugh . . .


The world has always had slavery. The Egyptians built pyramids 3500 years before Christ. Should those societies tear them down? Should the descendants of slaves that were used to build Roman roads demand that society dig them up? Should all the Greek statues be torn down? What about their writings? Should they be destroyed? George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both owned many slaves, do we strike their names from the annals of history? From the declaration of Independence?


Where does it end? Will society begin to burn books like Hitler did? Who will decide which books get burned? The Antifa communist / Socialist thugs with their baseball bats and helmets? The government? Facebook? Google? CNN? They New York Times?


We should slow down and ask ourselves how much of this fervor is hatred of Trump versus hatred of those who are racists. These same people hate conservative white Christians with equal fervor, does that hit home with anyone?


Thank God, that Wilberforce and others including Abraham Lincoln awoke the nation’s conscience and abolished slavery and established societal taboos against it. But apparently some don’t realize that they’ve been freed. One African American lady wrote me the other day and said that black people wanted freedom.




We’ve had a black president for the past 8 years; what is she talking about? She has been free quite some time and I guess doesn’t realize it.


These white supremacists are a tiny minority in this country. They wanted to draw attention to their nutty beliefs and they succeeded. What a bunch of dopes we are for falling into their trap. It’s like a recruitment tool attracting every ultra-right-wing nut in the Universe to their cause. They took a lesson right out of the ISIS playbook.


Every time I write about this subject I get hate mail. It’s at a point in this country where no one will even listen to any point of view but their own, much less calmly discuss the issue and most importantly stick to the truth.


Racists and bigots abound on both sides. I’ve never owned a slave, nor wanted to own one; I seriously doubt my hardscrabble relatives did – For all I know they could have been slaves or indentured servants themselves and probably were at some point.


I didn’t have any “white privilege”. I was homeless and destitute and escaped it via working extremely long hard hours and fighting my way out of poverty, little education, drug addiction, and alcoholism. And yet there are those who hate me because I’m white and supposedly have white privilege. Such B.S.


I’ve never desired to own a slave or known anyone who did, and yet I’m hated by many in this country because I’m white, and I love Jesus and His holy word the Bible. Other white people owned them at some point in history, so I guess I’m guilty of their sins.


Go figure . . .


I just wish all this pent-up rage were leveled against modern day slave owners. Why don’t these people march in the streets and get angry about little 5-year old boys and girls being forced into sexual slavery where they are raped, tortured, and murdered in this country and around the world every day? As I said Monday, there are more slaves in the world today than at any other time in the history of the world. It’s not just sex slaves either. Modern day slaves work in manufacturing plants, the agricultural industry, cleaning houses and so on, right here in this country!  


Where is the outrage? Where are the people marching in the streets? Where are the limelight politicians seeking the spotlight as a champion for ending it? Where is the media that could stoke the flames against this issue overnight if they only would?


I tell you where they are. They are busily trying to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency with propaganda and hate.


This country needs to focus on slavery that is occurring today instead of something that happened a century and a half ago and was settled via a civil war. That war is over. For crying out loud, Quit fighting it!


Where does it all end?


God help this nation and this world. Some days as He looks down on us I imagine that he might think He’s sorry that He ever created us. He commanded that we love Him and one another. If only we would . . .


Matt. 22:38


Jesus declared, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ . . .


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