FROM: The Conservative Tribune

Famous Black Conservative Professor Has a Message for the Race Baiters

Written By: Walter E. Williams

Liberal race baiters and hustlers like to constantly harp on racism in America today. They blame all of the ills of society on discrimination and slavery.

Astoundingly, even people like President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, black men who have reached the very pinnacle of success in this country, still claim that they are victims of racism.

The sad thing is, by perpetuating the myth that racism is still alive and well, despite the obvious success in our society of many black people who have risen to great heights, these constant race baiters have actually made racial divisiveness in America worse over the past few years.

But not every black person buys into the racially divisive arguments that discrimination and slavery are still wreaking havoc in today’s society.

In a new column appearing on Townhall, conservative professor and columnist, Walter E. Williams, takes the race baiters to task, telling them they must confront reality in this country, and accept responsibility for their part in the woes suffered by black people.

He begins by asking just how much of today’s problems in the black community can really be traced back to slavery or discriminatory Jim Crowe laws.

Using several statistics from different time periods, he submits that slavery and discrimination no longer play a role in the ills suffered by the black community. Instead, he points to the destruction and disillusionment of the black family structure, i.e. father, mother, and children all living together.

Williams says that even during the height of slavery, and the discrimination that followed the end of it, up until the civil rights era, there were high rates of black families staying together, and single parent families, with illegitimate children, were virtually unheard of.

Williams rightly points out that poverty rates are much higher among single parent families than among traditional two-parent families. He also shows that this high poverty rate, as well as sub-par schools, have led to the drastically high crime rates among young black men.

He urges black civil rights activists, and race baiters, to really study and reexamine the purported reasons for why there remains such disparate outcomes for blacks versus whites, and encourages them to look more at themselves, instead of blaming things like slavery and discrimination.

Walter Williams is absolutely right, and although he doesn’t specifically come out and say it, the true culprit for the breakdown of the black family structure is liberal policies.

The policies of victimhood pushed by liberals like President Lyndon Johnson and his “Great Society” and “War on Poverty”, led to a massive expansion of the welfare state. Such a welfare state, which can pay better than a real job, incentivizes single motherhood, and encourages more illegitimate children for more money.

The modern welfare state has become something of the new slavery, as it creates dependency on government, and discourages people from being self-sufficient and personally responsible for their own actions. As Dr. Ben Carson has repeatedly stated, black Americans must reject the welfare state, and learn to stand up and do for themselves, without expecting society to cater to them.

Share this with anyone you please if you agree with Walter E. Williams, and think the breakdown of the nuclear family structure, as well as a culture of victimhood and welfare, contribute more to today’s racial ills than slavery or discrimination.


NOTES: Definitions of race baiting (a noun)

race baiting: The act of racially derisive language, actions, or other forms of communication in order to anger or intimidate or coerce a person or group of people.

race baiting: The unfair use of statements about race to try to influence the actions or attributes of a particular group of people.