Any of you that are willing to believe that no one is going to go after your guns is about to find out that you are and have been wrong!–Complacency is Dangerous!

Don’t agree to give Obutthead an inch because then he’ll end up taking a mile! Don’t let him get his Pinocchio’s nose under the edge of any tent at all!–No Way!

No Matter What Liar’s Crap He Comes Up With, Obutthead Has No Right To Make Any Moves Or Executive Orders Against Your Gun Rights!  He Is Not A Lawful Protector Of Any Of Our Rights–Especially Our Gun Rights!! He Hates Our U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights–He’s The Most Un-American President That Our America Has Ever Had To Endure!!!!

Put Obutthead And All Of His Dangerously Devious, Sorry-Ass Plans To Continue To Transform Our America In The Crapper!–During This Last Year Of Torture Because Of Having Him And His Ilk In Our Whitehouse, Don’t Cut Him Any Slack Or Pay Him Any Credence All!!– Putting Him In A Padded Room For The Next Year Would Be  Proper!–Obutthead Is Crazy And So Are Those Of His Ilk!!  He And His Can And Need To Go To Blazes!! Let’s All Say No As He Puffs And Blows! Say, “Kiss Off, You Dangerous Idiot!”