This goes for and includes all conservative and common sense minded American Citizens and all of our conservative representatives in the U.S.House of Representatives and U.S Senate, as well as all of our local, county, and state governmental entities!

It’s not understandable that close to one half of the American Citizenry have their heads up their butts or buried in the sand! Dumbacrats, Republicrats, And Any Citizens That Are Either Too-Blind, Or Too-Other-Occupied To Pay Attention To Really Important Things–All Of These People Are Knuckle Heads!

Low To No Information Types, Socialists, Liberals, Those Looking For A Free Ride, Dumb & Lazy Butts, People That Don’t And Won’t Work, And All Other Like Kind And Types Are A Drain On Everything!!!  Everything!!!

If You Can Change For The Better—Do It!  Those Of You Who Can’t Or Won’t—Sit Down, Shut Up, Stay Home, Don’t Vote, And Control Your Urge To Be A Leach Or A Parasite, Etc., Etc.! —OR—Wake Up–Get Educated–Be Informed–Be Pro-active–And–Stand Up For America And Be A Real American!!