This Cartoon has been circulating since it was originally shown in the Chicago Tribune, Copyright 1934. It’s amazing that there is, and has been a proliferation of the very same things going on in varying degrees all of these years since then and really since before World War I. It’s called the Progressive Movement! Obama, many of the Democrats, and many Rino’s(Republicans in name only) in the Republican party are Progressive’s and are very bad for our America! Obama has concentrated his efforts to push the Progressive Movement into high gear since he became president. Obama also has many Socialist and Marxist bones in his body that have been bred into him by his parents and many mentors. He is an aspiring dictator want-to-be, and he is and has been working overtime for the whole time he has been in office to set the stage to take over our America as an iron-handed ruling dictator! We just won the 2014 mid term election in a very resounding manner!– We Have To Stop The Momentum Of The Progressive Movement And We Have To Stop Obama immediately!

Planned Economy or Planned Destruction

Our new and aspiring politicians that just won their seats in Congress and the Senate along with the incumbent lawmakers that have been there for some time have got to Pony-Up and Listen to the Great American Citizens that are allowing them to serve in office! They have to be strong and take control of all of the reigns of power and flex their political muscles–calling out and putting a halt to all of the madness that is being perpetuated by Obama and his Ilk!