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If you like your job, or if you are looking for one, you need to Strongly Oppose Amnesty and Obama Care! If you voted to leave Obama in office back in 2012, you probably will regret it much more in the near future! If you have experienced job losses, cutbacks, wage cuts, and hourly cut backs to part time work, then you need to blame your support of Obama Care for a large part of your trouble, and some of it on the influx of illegal aliens that have been showing up in droves! Now, it’s being reported that Obama is going to further His Amnesty Mess by issuing an executive order with a reported 10 phases to it that will blow your minds–All of this is supposed to be dropped on us before Thanksgiving! Please go to my older post titled “Americans: Wake Up! Be Thoughtful! Be Courageous! -Wolf-” for many reliable news sources and great information as to where you can get to the real truth as to what’s going on behind the scenes! Also, realize that the Chamber of Commerce, many corporations, and many of our politicians in all parties are in cahoots and on board with Obama and his Ilk, and are willing to screw all of us and leave us out in the cold! Down with Obama and all of them when it comes to Amnesty and Obama Care (and it’s subsidies for Senators, Representatives, and all of their staff’s)! Get in all of their cases strongly, and immediately! I have some older posts below regarding Amnesty and Obama Care. Please read them!

If you want to have good health care, and have a say-so in everything to do with it including your quality of life, and even your future and time here on earth, you need to Strongly Oppose Obama Care!

If you like your guns and believe in your Second Amendment Rights, you need to oppose anything to do with the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, all gun control measures and laws, any executive orders remotely related to gun rights, and again, Obama Care–because it has anti-gun rights stuff buried in it, etc.! Note that there is some United Nations stuff that is supposed to affect our gun rights here in the U.S.–This is expected to happen by December 24, 2014! Go to the internet and study this as well!

If you want to see the Republicans succeed in helping to save our America, then you need to strongly speak out and insist that they change the leaderships in the House and Senate, and kick Boehner And McConnell back out into the audience!

If you want to keep your privacy and have some measure of control in the education and rearing of your children, you need to help stop Common Core! It is evil, divisive, intrusive, malicious, and invasive! Please go to the internet and check out what Michelle Malkin has to say about Common Core!

If you want to Help Stop Obama From Further Ruining Our America, you need to take away his phone and his pen, and insist that he be arrested immediately and be put into a padded room! This could work, but a much more appropriate, and much more deserved punishment would be to impeach the sorry Knucklehead before Thanksgiving!–That would surely be something to celebrate!

If you believe that the Democrats should not do all kinds of stuff to screw things up in the lame duck period of time before January, 2015, when the new ones we voted for are sworn in, you need to contact all of your Congressmen and Senators and strongly object to them making any concessions of any kind with any of the Democrats and Rino’s! You have to make them realize that they better start acting right, immediately, because they (the Republicans) won the election!– We voted for them and they better not screw things up!