It’s been three long years since I added a new post. These last years have been very trying in unbelievable ways. I have tried to keep up with all of the Insane, Idiotic, Moronic, Spurious, Satanistic, Clusterous, Nonsensical, Decimation Crazy, Bat Crazy, Skunk-Scat! I Have Avoided Watching the ABC channels and Have Not Watched Fox News since they wrongfully called the election results in Arizona for Biden on November 3, 2020.

Since there have been so many subjects to keep up with along with the cancelling/censoring, etc., I have Happily spent my time Reading many Very Relevant and Informative Books. I have also Listened to many Podcasts and Truly Conservative TV and Radio Stations. I recommend that it’s a great, fulfilling, relaxing, and peaceful way to spend time, and be informed and educated about everything that we choose to pursue and seek to understand. Please try it. you’ll like it!