All of this evil/divisive garbage that is being espoused about our guns and our Second Amendment Rights, the NRA, etc., is all about the banning and collection of firearms, leaving only helpless/vulnerable American Citizens!  Some in our government and many other governments around he world realize how much control they could/would have over America and it’s citizens if it was disarmed!…. America is what it is because it is armed and impenetrable!  We are safer by far as long as we have our guns and gun rights!

All gun free zones are a magnet for potential attacks on helpless/defenseless people that are certain to be victims or potential victims if some sick or evil force shows up to kill/terrorize!

The powers to be, and many of the powerful supporters/financiers of the activists/oppositions to our guns and gun rights are well protected by armed body guards, etc.!… What Hypocrisy!  To Hell With The American Citizens!

If the powers that be, and all of the negative, no guns/no gun rights activists and uneducated crowds (cattle) of complainers really gave a rip about safety and loss of lives, there would be no place for them and their pursuits!  Common sense dictates that they are all full of crap and evil!