I couldn’t ever say the same for our last one! President Trump has been hard at work for us, the American People!  He’s fulfilling many campaign promises and working to make our America safer and better in a hurry!!

As expected, the Democrat opposition, the complicit liberal media, most all of the Democrat “pollute-icians”, the Evil George Soros and his crowds of paid demonstrators, some Republi-crats like Sen John McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham, many evil idiot actors and activists, Obutthead, and a slew of Americans that surely have their heads planted up their U-Know-Whats’, have all showed their sorry butts and identified themselves to be the losers, crazies, and idiots they really are!  I’m not going to gratify any of them by speaking details of their words, actions, vulgarity, etc., or take notice of and advertise for them and their stupidity, Or give credence to anything that they have done to undermine and besmirch My President!  They are fast becoming more and more irrelevant, a Bunch of Trump Ankle Lickers!!

President Trump is taking on a lot of challenges both here and abroad, and I stand behind him 100%!!  We are so very blessed and fortunate to have this brave, determined, great man at the helm to right our ship!!–Pray for President Trump Always and Let’s Help Him Make Our America Great Again!!

I Sleep Much Better These Days!  President Trump is Tough, Intelligent, Street Smart, Mature, and Trustworthy!  He’s a Good and Honest Man!  He’s A Fighter That We All Need!!