Pray for his health and safety every minute of every day!  We are so very fortunate to have a man who is willing to take the reigns of power and stand up to the harsh and evil environment that is perpetuated by the totally wrong and screwed up Democrat Party and all of their crazy and stupid radicals, and some Republican idiots like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio(Scubio), John McCain(Insane McCain), and others.  What a Freak Show!  If you have a brain, don’t be a part of it!

Trump Is My President and I personally resent any and all of his enemies that are so very much out of their bloomin’ minds!  Get over it, you idiots, and accept the fact that he is our legitimately elected President!  I hope that the sayings that you can’t cure stupidity can be set aside and, hopefully, you can find a way to pull your heads out of wherever you have buried them, giving you the opportunity to come to your senses!!

I believe that President Donald J. Trump has been elected at a time of Gods’ choosing in order to save our America from the works of the Devil and His Minions.  Don’t fall into their traps and believe the evil news media and the dirty, evil opposition!  Don’t be stuck on stupid and believe in the self-interested, greedy, divisive, crooked, turd-birds, and knuckle-heads that are only trying to protect themselves, their power and money, and their evil agenda’s!

American’s, don’t be a fish, don’t be part of the herd-mentality (a sheeple), and don’t be part of the unfair and evil opposition to Trump and his new administration!  Give him/them a good and fair chance to see what they can do to correct and heal our America after the devastation and destruction that has been thrusted on us in the past!  Be A Great American and Stand Up For America!

Always remember that God is in control!  I believe that Donald J. Trump has been elected President of Our United States because of divine intervention!  Let’s help God to correct and heal our America thru all of our thoughts, words, actions, and deeds!  Pray for our country, our new President, and hope that things can and will improve greatly!  Let’s Help Trump Save Our America And Make It Greater!  Fight Evil, Lies, Divisiveness, Unfairness, and Crap!