So let me get this straight.. Bill Clinton had an affair with an intern named Monica Lewinski, fathered a baby boy when he had another affair (possibly more than one) and then abandoned him, he has raped a lot of women, was impeached for lying to a grand jury, and many people have disappeared or died that have been involved with He and Hillary!  In 1975, Hillary defended a man who brutally beat and raped a 12 year old girl!  Hillary attacked the girl and did everything to lie and deceive at the trial, got the man off with only two months in jail–the girl was so damaged that she couldn’t ever have children-Hillary laughed about the fact that she got the man off so easy, and she didn’t care about what happened to the girl at all!  She harassed and attacked many women that husband (Bill) had assaulted and raped, had Americans killed in Benghazi to cover up her gun running into Libya to arm ISIS, who she, along with her boss, Barack Obama, systematically created!  She deleted 33k emails on a private server and lied under oath, and was called out by the FBI for it!  She had 6 billion dollars disappear, unaccounted for, when she was Secretary of State!  The media doesn’t care!  Donald Trump said something 11 years ago in a “locker room conversation” while cutting up with Billy Bush, and the media is now going crazy!  The hypocrisy is astounding!!