Deplorable means: “wretched”–hatefully contemptible, despicable, very poor in quality or ability, mean, unsatisfactory, and worthless!”  This seems like a perfect definition of Clinton and all of her Ilk and Cronies!  This Woman Is Full Of Crap!–She’s Insane!–She’s Dangerous and Unqualified!

Irredeemable means: “beyond redemption; irreclaimable–not convertible into a mind-numbed robot that can be, and will be a pawn on her/their chessboard!”  It’s a badge of honor to be considered uncontrollable and irredeemable in the eyes of Clinton, etc., who only wants to control and use all of us for her/their pleasure and greed!

According to my dictionary, words and their meanings, when studied and contemplated, can turn around and bite the sorry mouths they came from!  On election day, the good people of this country are going to send this sorry excuse of human refuse back to the dump she came from!  She’s “despicable”–She’s fit for and deserves to be despised; She’s contemptible!  I can’t believe that anyone would ever vote for this sorry, lying, corrupt, criminal, evil, devil woman!  Don’t!  Don’t!  –Send she, her husband, and all corrupt democrats home forever!!