Listen To My Video That I Released Years Ago On You Tube:


*Further Realize That You Have To Keep The Clintons Out Of Our Whitehouse! It’s Going To Be Very Hard To Sanitize And Fumigate It After Obama And Michelle and theirs’ Have Darn Near Ruined The Place!–If You Vote For And Elect Hillary Clinton, After That, You Might As Well Burn It To The Ground!–Hillary Clinton Would Be Obama’s Third Chance To Finish Off/Destroy Our America!– She Is Double Barrel Trouble, Is Totally Untrustworthy, Is Extremely Corrupt, Is A Serial Liar, Is A Co-Leader Of The Clinton Foundation Crime Family & Mob, Is Rich As All Get-Out From Bribes Taken, Extortion, Threats, Blackmail, And Promised Paybacks To Unsavory Entities World-wide! She Has Hers, And She’ll Really Be Damned If You Can Have Yours!– Anyone That Believes That She Is On Their Side Is As Dumb and/or Stupid As A Box Of Rocks! She, As Bill Clinton’s Wife And Barack Obama’s Secretary Of State, And Being Evil As Heck Herself, Etc., Has Caused The Sad And Untimely Deaths & Murders Of Many People Worldwide!  She Has Placed Our Country In Jeopardy And Danger In Many Unbelievable Ways!  She Has Treated Our Country’s Secret’s And National Security’s As Though They Were Unimportant Jokes!  Hillary Clinton Is The Most Unqualified Person To Ever Be Running For President Of Our United States!  Hillary Clinton Has Got To Be The Sorriest, Greediest, Deception-Ridden-Deceiver, And Female Criminal Politician That Has Ever Worn A Dress Or A Pants Suit!  Hillary Clinton Should Be, And Deserves To Be Behind Bars In A Federal Prison For Her Email-Gate Scandal! (Much Worse Than President Nixon And Watergate Where He Ultimately Had To Resign His Presidency, Or The Martha Stewart/General Petraeus Cases Where They Were Severely Punished and/or Jailed For Much, Much Less, Etc.!!) 


My Cousin Sent This To Me And I Want To share It With All Of You!  After You Click On To This Link Below, Take Time To Check Out And Watch/Listen To So Many Other Great Videos That Are Very Informative and quite shocking!!

OMG…. He’s worse than I thought!!

Subject: You have received a YouTube video!

Must see video! Only a few seconds long! Don’t wait till it’s removed!

In case the 19 second video of Obama saying this is erased:

“And for the International Order that we have worked for generations to build–ordinary men and women are too small minded to govern their own affairs–the order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all powerful sovereign!”—Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama Are A Like- Minded Two-Headed Snake!—We Have To Get Rid Of Both Of Them!  Don’t Vote For Clinton (Obama)!