It’s Our Dead War Hero’s That We Are Honoring On Memorial Day!–Not The Dead That Were Our Horrifically Brutal Japanese Enemies!–Obama Is Honoring And Memorializing The Deaths Of Our Once Evil Enemies!–America Dropped The Bombs On Hiroshima And Nagasaki To Force An End To World War II And Therefore Save Many More Lives! Obama’s Honoring And Memorializing Of Their Dead Is A Great Big Slap In The Face To Our America, To All Of Our Veterans, To All Of The Men And Women Who Have Ever Died In Defense Of Our Country, And To All Of Their Families, Friends, And Loved Ones That Lost Them!

He Was Also Running All Christians Into The Ground As He Spoke His Evil Speech In Hiroshima!–I’m More Convinced Than Ever That He Is, At The Very Least, A Muslim Sympathizer!–He Didn’t Mention One Thing About Our Fallen Military War Hero’s!!

This Sorry, Evil, Traitorous President Is Working Overtime To Bring Our America Down In Every Way Possible! He’s In Hiroshima, Japan Today Laying A Wreath On Their Graves And Praising Their Dead! Why In The World Isn’t He Honoring And Memorializing Our Dead War Hero’s That Are Buried In Arlington National Cemetery, Or In The Arizona That Is At The Bottom Of Pearl Harbor-(Still Filled With Our Deceased Military Hero’s), Or Many Other Places Where They Fought And Died Or Were Wounded In The Line Of Duty In Service To Our Country! There Are 22 Commemorative Sites Worldwide! Because Of Their Sacrifices Of Life And Limb To Save Us And Our America, We Continue To Have Our Freedoms And Liberties!

World War II Has Been Over Since 1945, But You Don’t See A Japanese Leader Apologizing For All Of The Evil, Death, Carnage, Destruction, Etc. That They Inflicted On America!

There Is So Much Wrong About President Obama And His Presidency That Putting All Of It Into Words Would Take At Least A Lifetime! I Hope That An Honest Assessment In Future History Books Will Depict The Vivid And Horrible Truths About This Demonic President And Bring Him His Just Do’s! Presently, He Should Be Censored, Impeached, And Imprisoned As A Traitor To Our America And All It Stands For! And, In Addition To All Of That, He And His Wife Should Be Stripped Of Any And All Benefits, Pensions, Security, And Accolades ever afforded to them During His Presidency!! They Should Be Banned From Living Anywhere Near Washington, D.C. For Ever! All Of Their Assets Should Be Seized And Distributed Where Needed To Help Bring Down Our National Debt That He Has More Than Doubled During His Rein!!

He Kisses The Butts Of Our Enemies, Both Past And Present, And Sticks His Fingers In The Eyes Of Our Military, And Our Veterans, And Our Whole Damn Country!

In His Last Few Months In Office, He Is Showing That He Will Do Anything To Humiliate All Of Us And Our America, And Will Continue To Screw Up Anything And Everything Even More Than He Already Has! What Pisses Me Off Even More, And Makes Me Even Sicker, Is Seeing That There Doesn’t Seem To Be Hardly Any Opposition, Criticism, Censorship, Etc. Of This Evil Man!