The Mask Is Officially Off – How Ted Cruz Is Funded By Biggest DC Insiders…

Now that the presidential race is down to the ‘brass tacks phase’, and with the glaring reality of Team Jeb Bush, Team Mitt Romney endorsement, Team Lindsey Graham endorsement, Team Carly Fiorina endorsement, and the entire DC professional political class aligning themselves with Ted Cruz, it’s a good opportunity to highlight the uncomfortable truth for those new to the awakening.

A freshman, two-year Senator/Presidential Candidate, Ted Cruz was presented, by intentional Wall Street conduct, as an outsider; as “a fallacy of false dilemma“.  If you don’t know what “false choice” really means, click on the link ↑ to read the definition and see how easy it is to manipulate the electorate.

cruz McConnell

Cruz was never “an outsider“.  The intellectually honest political observer would have to detach themselves from all reasonable cognition to avoid accepting Ted Cruz:

  • Was part of George W. Bush’s administration.
  • Was part of George W Bush’s Florida recount team.
  • Was introduced to his wife Heidi (Condelezza Rice staffer) while working for Bush.
  • Has hired the entire operational arm of the Jeb Bush campaign team: Paul Dickerson of Houston, TX, Boyden Gray of Washington, DC, Charles Foster of Houston, TX, Reginald J. Brown of Washington, DC, Paula and Jim Henry of Midland, TX, and Nancy and Randy Best of Dallas, TX. Along with Neil Bush.

Those are facts.

So too, are the facts below.

♦  This is one of those ah-ha moments when several political variables seem to reconcile simultaneously. For those who doubted the Earlier Tripwire, here’s the evidence.

There is a Super-PAC called “Stand for Truth” registered out of Lexington Kentucky headed by a guy named Eric Lycan. [Here’s the link – search box “Stand for Truth”]

sft 6

Mr. Eric Lycan was Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s lawyer during his re-election campaign against Matt Bevin. Lycan also has deep tentacles within the entire GOPe apparatus, including the Chamber of Commerce.

You can confirm identity from the filing paperwork and the reported contact information which is the same as THIS LINK to the Dinsmore legal group.

sft 4

Link for FEC Filing [Again search box “Stand for Truth”]

sft 5 Eric Lycan

Link to Dinsmore Group Bio

So obviously Eric Lycan is a deep insider within GOPe circles:

  • He’s represented, and/or is representing, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.
  • He also represents clients to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (Tom Donohue connection).
  • He’s a member of the National Republican Lawyers Board of Governors.
  • He was the Kentucky Chairman, Lawyers for Romney in 2012.

There’s no questioning his GOPe bona fides. However, here’s where things get really interesting.

Given his curriculum vitae and the direct connection to Mitch McConnell you might not expect to see this:

sft 3

It’s a pro-Ted Cruz Super-PAC. The filing above also shows they spent $42,000 to create digital advertising for Ted Cruz, and…

…..wait for it…

….. spent $192,594.00 for “RADIO ADVERTISING”.

It makes a person wonder which radio broadcasters might have picked up some of that Pro-Ted Cruz advertising money?

…and maybe that explains why THIS seemed to have struck such a nerve.

But wait, it gets better….

Eric Lycan’s “Stand for Truth” Super-PAC is not only Pro-Cruz, it is also Anti-Donald Trump. Producing and paying for airing of negative ads in Iowa against Candidate Donald Trump (examples found here):

sft 2

The filing above exhibits spending of $150,000 for negative digital ads in opposition to Donald Trump and $15,750.00 in production costs for the same.

And this is NO SMALL SUPER-PAC, they are spending $2,251,345.00 They are putting out a lot of money. More money than would come from small donors etc.

But again, big picture, why would a Mitch McConnell aligned type of DC insider, with strong connections to the U.S. CoC, be spending millions to support Ted Cruz and spend millions against Donald Trump?

These FACTS, not suppositions, FACTS, blow the “outsider Cruz” narrative a bit, no? These FACTS also seem to run exactly opposite of this Ted Cruz presentation of his relationship with Mitch McConnell, no?

Exactly the opposite seems to be going on. A DC PAC pro-Cruz and anti-Trump, has the very distinct odor of yet another Cruz-like quid-pro-quo (TPA maybe).

mcconnell ryanlindsey graham endorses Ted Cruz

trump rubio and cruz handshake

The “Never Trump” movement is dependent on the electorate  remaining oblivious to the UniParty scheme.  Once people wake up, the DC machine is done….