Rising Out Of The Ashes Of Our Lives Is Entirely Possible! We Can Learn From Our Pains, Sins, And Mistakes And All Of The Despair And Devastation That We Have Created And Endured Up Until This Very Moment In Our Lives! We Can Be Resurrected And Renewed–Wiping The Slate Clean, And Beginning Anew And Again!

Just As Our Lord And Savior, Jesus Christ, Was Crucified, Died And Was Buried, And Arose From The Grave (Jesus Was Resurrected From All Ashes As He Died To Save All Of Us From Our Sins And Give Us The Promise Of Eternal Life!)–Having Faith In Jesus Christ And Believing In Him, The Son Of God, Is The Key To Life And Everything!

Christianity Is What It Is Because Of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection! He Overcame The Grave And He Lives!! We Believe That Jesus Christ Sits At The Right Hand Of God The Father–Our Father!–Our God Sits Above The Highest North, And Our God Is Greater And Above And Beyond Anything Or Anyone That Is, Or Ever Will Be, Or Ever Could Exist!!

Have Faith In Jesus Christ, In God, And The Holy Spirit! Have Faith In Yourself And Your Possible Resurrection From Your Own Ashes! Just As The Phoenix Rose Up And Flew Out Of It’s Ashes–So Can You And All Of Us That Believe! Please Don’t Ever Give Up Or Give In–And Keep Looking Up!