For those that don’t have a clue about Cuba’s history–It has long been a country that has been exploited by communist dictators and tyrants. It has been a slave island for many decades with no freedoms. liberties, or reasons to live! The whole damn place is really a prison, and there have been an alarming number of it’s people harassed, tortured, and murdered, etc.! Obama (Obutthead) has a sick and deep respect for tyrants and dictators! He’s Over there Groveling to the Castro’s and kissing their butts! He’s extremely stupid, dangerous, Anti-American, and embarrassing! He doesn’t deserve to be our American President!!

Obama, The Clintons, Bernie Sanders, and any Democrats that believe that Socialism, Marxism, and Communism are good and will to help elevate, build up, and be a good thing for anyone including Americans is stupid, ignorant, full of crap, and dangerous to everyone including themselves!

This dangerous, devious, crazy idiot–“Obutthead”, along all of his Ilk–are the biggest bunch of problems and scourges on humanity ever in this modern era! Not one of these entities acknowledge history! They are stupidly and selfishly all in bed together to cause the decline, destitution, suffering, death of Americans in large numbers, and the annihilation and lifestyles of anyone and everyone that’s left standing!

All of the stupid supporters of anyone that pushes Socialism, Marxism, and Communism, don’t have a clue how bad things will be, especially for themselves! They are all expendable and could be the first to go! The only ones to be elevated and lifted up by these ideologies and political/economic traps are their idols and leaders they support that will ultimately eat their own and will destroy or kill anyone in their way to keep their power and control over everyone else!

History shows that none of these political/economic ideological traps ever lasts and always fails; leaving death of many after having taken away all of their freedoms, liberties, futures, and everything else they were, could be, or could ever have been! Sounds like a bunch of crap doesn’t it!

Wake the heck up and realize that there are some very powerful forces in this world that are controlling devious, ideological dumbasses like Obama(Obutthead)! They want to use all of us in every way possible, and then flush us and our America down the drain! Dig deep after you get your heads out of the sand and other places and the help to turn the tide and stop the evil ones that are always at work to destroy us and our America!

Don’t vote for or support Clinton or Sanders or any other Socialist, Marxist, or Communist entity! Give Obutthead what he deserves–an exodus out of office in disgrace and shame, hopefully not to ever be heard from again!