Rubio (Srubio) is Sadly projecting his flaws and weaknesses by childishly attacking the current front runner in our presidential primary race! But, what else can this totally unqualified, deceitful, little squirt do to try and inject himself into the big league!

Scrubio is nothing without being a professional politician! Word is that he really doesn’t like his job as U. S. Senator from Florida–a job he really isn’t performing well at anyway! He’s a junior first term senator that is missing most of his votes because he’s running for president! As a lifetime resident of Florida, I’m not impressed with him!

He’s 4 inch’s shorter than the current front runner and he may feel inferior in some other areas too!– lack of experience?–lack of finances?–lack of assets?–lack of maturity?–lack of whatever!!!

Remember that his major accomplishment in the Senate was the thankfully failed “Gang Of Eight” attempt to pass their Evil Amnesty Bill! Now, he’s involved with the “Gang Of Six” Pursuing the Same Evil and Harmful Amnesty Legislation inclusive of the Pushing for Large Increases of Visas that are and will take many more service related and tech jobs away from Americans and give them to Foreigners!