This Ding-A-Ling Must Think That We Are All A Bunch of Idiots And Dumbasses! What A Mistake! As The Day’s Go By– Even The Dumbest And Stupidest Of People On Earth Are Realizing That This Delusional, Evil, Insane, Man/Child Is As Devious, Dangerous, And Crazy As Any Looney Bird Tyrant That Has Ever Lived! He’s Sick And Pathetic! He’s More Desperate Than Ever To Finish Off What’s Left Of Our America!! Hillary Clinton Is No Better Than Barrack Obama!–Maybe Worse!

In The Next 12 Months He’s Going To Do Anything Possible, Illegal Or Not, To Get His Way! Unfortunately, It Seems That Many Of Our Congressmen And Senators Are Too Chicken To Do What Is Right And Stop Him–This Is A Big Mistake On Their Part!Many Good People In Our Country Are Waking Up To Everything He Is And Has Been About And There Will Be Hell To Pay At The Polls As They Realize That These Politicians Have Been Enabling Obama All Along! Their Day Will Come!

When It Comes To Hillary Clinton– It ‘s Amazing That This Unqualified, Inept, Mentally Disabled Female Is Where She Is At All! Period! I’m Not Going To Waste My Time Or Energy To Even Try And Supply So Very Many Obvious Facts And Reasons Why She Is Bad To The Bone! What She Is And Has Planned For Our America, And What She Believes And Stands For, Should She Be Elected President, Is Startling And Scary As Hell To Say The Least! I Don’t Understand Why Anyone Can Possibly Believe As And Be A Democrat! It’s Very Scary That There Are So Very Many Stupid People That Will Not Only Listen To This Nut, But Will Probably Vote For Her!– Just As They Did For Obama!–Two Rotten Peas In A Pod! She And He Live On Lies And Deception And Are Rotten To The Core!  People, Wake The Heck Up!

I Hope And Pray That We, Our Country, And Our World, Can And Will Survive!  I Pray For Divine Intervention And A Return To Good, Moral, Christian Values! This Secular, Materialistic World Is In Big Trouble Because Some People, And Some Political Leaders, And Some Religious Leaders, Have Turned Away From God!