John Boehner, the current Speaker of the House, needs to go back into the audience!  Boehner Has Done a Particularly Sorry job as Speaker and is Double-Barrel trouble! There are three Representatives that are challenging him: Louie Gommert, Ted Yoho, and Daniel Webster. Louie Gommert has served many years in the House of Representatives and has a lot of experience and voted no for the Cromnibus Bill!  Louie Gommert has a lot to say about the mess our country is in and I believe he can do a lot to guide and direct the House of Representatives in a very healthy and proper way! Ted Yoho has only been in the House for two years and he voted yes for the Cromnibus Bill!  Daniel Webster has only been in the House for three years and he voted yes for the Cromnibus Bill!  Ted Yoho and Daniel Webster made big mistakes caving in to the lies and pressure that must have been placed upon them, but there is no palatable or reasonable excuse for what they did!

I Can’t Support Anyone For Speaker Of The House That Voted For The Cromnibus Bill, and therefore, helped John Boehner to make deals with Obama and his Ilk to fund Obama Care and many other bad things!  Ted Yoho and Daniel Webster helped the progressives and liberals in our government to pass the 1.17 Trillion Dollar Cromnibus Bill, and therefore, give up so much, so very quickly and prematurely, Before the New Republican Congressmen Showed Up On The Scene, and yes, Before the New House and Senate Majorities Took Over In January After The Great Republican Win In November!

I encourage every one to make the necessary calls to push Louie Gommert over the top and send John Boehner packin’!!